Adaptability is key to survive, and I will adapt to help push forward with quality graphics and photography.

About Me

My name is Max Parker. I am a Graphic & Web Designer with proficiencies in photography & editing, and illustration. I was taught in the GWD program of John Abbott College. This is my about page.

I often enjoy subjects pertaining to video games, and anything related to the preservation of anything before 2010. I tend to play a variety of games depending on what I am fixated on for the time. This can range from slower games like Rimworld, to glitchy grindfests like Fallout 4. Modding games is also very cool to me, especially with Steam Workshop. I tend to go overboard and have dozens of mods installed, even going over 100 if Steam workshop is available.

About my Education & Work

I like to get to know my clients while playing a game with them. This way I can create a relationship and have a quick and natural connection to what is wanted of me. For my clients, I need them to have a firm understanding of both me and the work I do. The variety of work in my portfolio is for my clients to see what I can do. If you’d like to see one, click here for print items, or here for a web items.

I first started my journey to Graphic Design in College, with my Graphic & Web Design program. My art skills weren’t the best back in high school or elementary. Due to my average marks(thanks to French) not being high enough for computer sciences, I went for this GWD. I thought it would be good because I thought that I could improve my artistic skills through digital means rather than anything physical. Not only has my sense of art improved digitally, but I have also become more adept at sketching out ideas for my work.

At home, I am improving on my physical health, and making up for a social life that I did not have before college due to the reclusive nature I had back then.  I tend to work as hard as I can when possible and the quality of the product matters a lot to me. As an illustrator, I make sure that my work is done in an environment that allows me to adapt continuously to whatever is needed of me.

Self portrait of site author for about me.


My style is clean with identifiable shapes and easy to look at colors. I can create artwork that is perfect to be printed in black, white, or in color. With that, I also. have experience of creating from from inking a sketch to recreating it with a brush tool and Wacom tablet. Adobe Illustrator is what I like to use the most, so a lot of my work is (technically) is infinitely scalable to suit the resolution you need for your designs or print work.

sketches for about me page