Max and The Goals

Hello there once again! This may seem repetitive with the subject, but I’m re-stating my short-term goals. These goals have changed a bit since the last time I wrote about them. I’m still planning on moving near Ottawa once college is done with. There, I want to take a year off since I’ve been in the education system for most of my life at this point.

In-Ottawa Plans

Take one or two small freelance jobs, some for clients and maybe my friends. During this, I want to learn the lay of the land, especially Ottawa. My goals with the capital are to find where its restaurants are, gain some clients, and find a Popeye’s chicken. A pre-requisite for those goals would be to get comfortable with buses and learn how to drive. I can’t call myself a responsible adult if I never learn how to drive!

College Stage Goals

Before all of that, I need to get through the rest of this semester. There’s still the notion of creating a proper one-page CV to ensure everything is digestible for the reader. A stage needs to be worked to get something under my belt. I’ve been thinking about going for either Creative Studio by Vee Vee or B Factory. I do have my equal concerns for both, such as whether they’ll look good as stage host for my CV. My idea of a dream job is to lean towards B Factory because I like the idea of their beeswax packaging. To be able to help create a new look for their packaging seems very fun and interesting. Due to that, I am willing to do work in French to further my work. Whichever I choose in the future, my goal in either is to create well designed work that is expected of me as a last semester GWD student.

Image of the bfactory building for new goals post

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