The Vernissage

Graphic and Web Design Vernissage image for instagram posts, square.

The Graphic and Web Design Vernissage is coming up real soon! This event will be going from 5 to 7 PM on April 10th. It will take place in the Agora of John Abbott College. You can get in by the side of Casgrain with the parking lots and drop-off area. I will have a booth there to showcase the printed work that I have done over my three year program. The table will include an 8.5 x 11 inch magazine portfolio that has a comment section in case someone can’t talk to me, business cards, various projects, and a big box of Timbits! Sure it is a bit redundant to have that the event since there already are snacks, but its nice.

These past three years have been really great for me. I came into this program a bit scared since I never did too many art classes over my high school years. My improvement as a designer have been very noticeable over the years, from a simple type poster to the Spiral Knights Stamps for my second to last semester. Those were done with bits of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Those tools have aided my heavily and I enjoy using them to express myself, but I have also been working with other programs. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects have been working great for improving my video editing skills. Even Dimensions is proving itself to be a great way to quickly make my own mockups for my work. I look very forward to having my own mockups instead of using other people’s for my website.


The Future of My Job

Before this blog post, I never really questioned where I imagined myself in 5 – 10 years in the future. I honestly do not know where I’ll end up with how things are going with the economy and all that. There’s only really what I really do good at as a means of having a hint what to do in the future.

Classes and Future Job Prospects

Out of all the classes I do the best at, I’d have to say a mix between Video Editing, Photography, Illustration, Photoshop, and Animation. Video editing comes first because I seem to learn how to edit videos quickly. That goes hand in hand with Animation because I also went above and beyond in that with my final project for that (link). Then there’s the issue of AI becoming more prevalent in recent years. These algorithms are very threatening to my career, as both a graphic designer and web designer. Graphic is affected by AI generated art whether it is DALL-E or Illustrator’s new text to vector “feature”. Web is affected by ChatGPT too, easily making text that pleases the SEO lords. Those two especially worry me going down the line, since they’re not being used as tools and more like cheap replacements for designers and artists.

Tf2 mvm robo-heavy for the future blog post.

Dream Job

I think that my dream job will most likely be small commissions of a more personal feel. This can be seen in my best work because they happen whenever I’m hyper fixated. These fixations can be applied to the Spiral Knights Stamps, and the Star Trek Poster (link) I made. What I want to do to improve my work for the dream job is learn how to use my Wacom table more effectively. Perhaps get Clip Studio Paint or some other art program and compare between that and Photoshop brushes. In general, whichever job I get in the future, I want it to at least use my college diploma to know that this was worth it.


Max and The Goals

Hello there once again! This may seem repetitive with the subject, but I’m re-stating my short-term goals. These goals have changed a bit since the last time I wrote about them. I’m still planning on moving near Ottawa once college is done with. There, I want to take a year off since I’ve been in the education system for most of my life at this point.

In-Ottawa Plans

Take one or two small freelance jobs, some for clients and maybe my friends. During this, I want to learn the lay of the land, especially Ottawa. My goals with the capital are to find where its restaurants are, gain some clients, and find a Popeye’s chicken. A pre-requisite for those goals would be to get comfortable with buses and learn how to drive. I can’t call myself a responsible adult if I never learn how to drive!

College Stage Goals

Before all of that, I need to get through the rest of this semester. There’s still the notion of creating a proper one-page CV to ensure everything is digestible for the reader. A stage needs to be worked to get something under my belt. I’ve been thinking about going for either Creative Studio by Vee Vee or B Factory. I do have my equal concerns for both, such as whether they’ll look good as stage host for my CV. My idea of a dream job is to lean towards B Factory because I like the idea of their beeswax packaging. To be able to help create a new look for their packaging seems very fun and interesting. Due to that, I am willing to do work in French to further my work. Whichever I choose in the future, my goal in either is to create well designed work that is expected of me as a last semester GWD student.

Image of the bfactory building for new goals post

Max and The Future After College

Since I am ending my time in college, I need to have an idea for after that. Going out into the real world, I can’t do that without a hint of a plan. Plan a bit ahead for my future I do have some ideas on what I am going to do, some in 2 years and maybe past that. If I am going to be honest, I do not plan and just deal with it as it comes.

In illustration of Canada illustrated by Max parker. Quebec and Ontario are colored while the rest are blank. There is a red arrow going from Quebec to Ontario.

Once college finishes up, I’ll head to Ontario to find new job opportunities. A part-time job here in Quebec could be a possibility, but I don’t want to deal with some of the upcoming laws. Bill 96 other upcoming language laws will hamper many parts of working in any industry.

I want to work mostly by myself, go independently into the land of graphic design. Independence in my work would allow for great time management, and I can weigh my time I spend with and on the product of the customer. Payment would be based on how many hours I spend, the budget of the recipient, and any costs on my end. Their budget determines how many hours will be spent and the quality that is produced.

But before I get into all of that, I plan on taking a year off for myself. My time in the education system has been most of my life, from elementary, to high school, and college. During this small break, I plan on getting to know the lay of the land in Ontario. Restaurants for foods like pizza, chicken, and steak will be vital in knowing where to go. Social clubs (if there are any), will also be a target, especially anything related to video games. I personally found the “””Games””” club of John Abbott College to be a bit disappointing in terms of interactivity. This will be good to improving my social life in a new environment in the future.


Max and The Short Term Goals

Currently, I am working on my 5th semester of college. While I have enjoyed my time, I need to say goodbye. But that time is not the now and I need to lay out my short-term goals.

A wide shot of John Abbott College campus, with front and Anne-Marie-Eduard showing. There are many students out on the front field.

First, I plan on finishing my three-year program; might as well enjoy it as much as I can. I feel like I can still improve in a lot of aspects of my work! A week ago, I learned that I could use shift to avoid my pen tool accidentally deleting points on a path in Adobe Illustrator. There are still aspects that I am learning and with how fast technology has been improving over the past decade. I need to learn for the now and further down the line.

Picture of Max Parker in front of a desk and computer screen showing his work, smiling and giving a thumbs up.

I will soon have to attend a stage to solidify my experience in the work field of my study. I’m planning on trying to obtain one inside John Abbott because of travel time. It is will take much long if it’s in Montreal. Montreal has always been a miserable place for me. The traffic is slow, the weather was awful every time I went, and the city just smelt like car fumes all over. Update Dec 2023: Something before the Ile-Aux-Tours bridge would also be nice. Damn thing takes an hour to cross sometimes.

Then there is what I will do right after college. Will I pursue further education, or will I enter the workforce? I plan on entering any part-time to get some form of traditional public training and do graphic work on the side for people who request work from me. This way I can get a real job to put under my resume and have portfolio items that were not done for school. All of these goals are rather short term as the title suggests, but they’re still something to look forward to.