Max and The Short Term Goals

Currently, I am working on my 5th semester of college. While I have enjoyed my time, I need to say goodbye. But that time is not the now and I need to lay out my short-term goals.

A wide shot of John Abbott College campus, with front and Anne-Marie-Eduard showing. There are many students out on the front field.

First, I plan on finishing my three-year program; might as well enjoy it as much as I can. I feel like I can still improve in a lot of aspects of my work! A week ago, I learned that I could use shift to avoid my pen tool accidentally deleting points on a path in Adobe Illustrator. There are still aspects that I am learning and with how fast technology has been improving over the past decade. I need to learn for the now and further down the line.

Picture of Max Parker in front of a desk and computer screen showing his work, smiling and giving a thumbs up.

I will soon have to attend a stage to solidify my experience in the work field of my study. I’m planning on trying to obtain one inside John Abbott because of travel time. It is will take much long if it’s in Montreal. Montreal has always been a miserable place for me. The traffic is slow, the weather was awful every time I went, and the city just smelt like car fumes all over. Update Dec 2023: Something before the Ile-Aux-Tours bridge would also be nice. Damn thing takes an hour to cross sometimes.

Then there is what I will do right after college. Will I pursue further education, or will I enter the workforce? I plan on entering any part-time to get some form of traditional public training and do graphic work on the side for people who request work from me. This way I can get a real job to put under my resume and have portfolio items that were not done for school. All of these goals are rather short term as the title suggests, but they’re still something to look forward to.

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